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Megan Fox (Middlename is Denise) was born 16 th of May 1986 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA (according to wikipedia). Her ancestery is Irish, French and Native American. She has an older sister and brother and comes from a rather poor home. She began her training in dance and drama at the age of 5. She moved to Florida at the age of 10 and continued her training there. At the age of 13 she started modeling and acting and won several awards at the American Modeling and Talent Convention in South Carolina in 1999. Her movie carrier started in 2001 in an Olsen Twin film.

Magan Fox appeared on several TV series “Ocean Avenue” (2002), “What I like about you” (2003), “Two and a half men” (2004), “The help”(2004), “Hope and Faith”(2004-2006) and “Crimes of fashion”. She made her film debut in 2001 in “ Holiday in the Sun” and in 2004 she also appeared in “ Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”.

She became world famous after the screening of the"Transformers" movie in 2007. Megan Fox appeared as the lead role in the film “Transformers” where she played the role of Mikaela Banes, the romantic counterpart to Sam Witwicky, played by Shia LaBeouf. Sam fancies Mikaela who is the sexiest girl in class, but she does not really notice him until Sam chats her up driving in his new car. Unfortunately the car has his own mind and stops running when Sam takes Mikaela to a romantic lookout. Since Mikaela got taught auto-mechanics by her dad she tries to fix the problem and opens the bonnet. What she doesn’t know yet is that the car is actually an autobot from outer space. During the following hours Mikaela, the mysterious class beauty, turns out to be much more than just a good looking girl and transforms herself into a feisty heroin, battling the Decepticons in order to save the world.

The success of this blockbuster movie certainly boosted her carrier immensely. She also had a role in “How to loose Friends and alienate people” where she plays a young beautiful Hollywood starlet.


Megan Fox also appeared in November 2005 and March 2007 issues of FHM (in which she got voted one of the top 100 sexiest women) as well as the June 2007 issue of GQ and the July issue of Maxim.

Megan was engaged to Brian Green who is also an actor. She lives in Hollywood, Los Angeles now and has a bulldog called Spanky. She loves tattoos and has at least 7 of them and she spent most of her money on shopping shoes so far. After the success in “Transformers” she will certainly have enough money to buy plenty more shoes and some other useful things on top of that.

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